What temporary reactions can you expect when using the iTeracare for severe problems?

In the process that triggers the iteracare, dormant or inactive cells suddenly become active again and work out any waste products. This means that these substances come back into the body and can cause discomfort for short periods of time that feels worse than the condition before using the iteracare. Since the iTeracare is going to reset our cells and bring our organs back to their normal state… and this can occur in a relatively short time a number of processes in the body that are felt to be unusual or worse, then the improvement will occur….so don’t panic but persevere, this state is normal and eventually leads to harmony in the cells and the body. The states can be the following:

  • A violent reaction in which you experience heat….this is especially common in yang people (people with a strong constitution who also carry a lot of energy within them)
  • Sudden cold … this is a more yin reaction and is especially common in people with poor circulation, blood stagnation, people who retain fluids. Is it often accompanied by a feeling of lethargy? By using the iteracare, they will soon begin to feel warmth.
  • Itching can occur because the viscosity of the blood decreases. This allows the blood to reach places where it did not initially have access because of stagnation. Suddenly there is a lot more oxygen and nutrition and that can cause itching, but it’s a good sign!
  • Bloating. The food produces gas…this first gets worse because the body now wants to get rid of it, then it gets better!
  • Deaf feeling. This can have many causes:
    • Weak nerves with a thin cell wall now become stronger because the cell wall becomes thicker … the ki energy also could not flow properly, causing numbness
    • Poor spinal cord due to osteoporosis. Nerves are pinched by a ruptured hernia
    • Sometimes due to diabetes. This can cause a disorder of the nerves resulting in numbness
    • Also, medications, drugs, strokes, etc. this can all lead to numbness…the nerves are damaged but the numbness goes away too!
  • Pneumonic (nerve pain) or pain all over the body. This is due to poor blood circulation where crystals have formed. Gout is such a disease where uric acid makes sharp crystals that cut wounds in the tendons….these wounds are inflamed by the acid. Treat a lot with the iTeracare and drink a lot!!!
  • Excessive sweating: this is the removal of toxins. Your body has 5 ways to detoxify, including sweating…this is a good sign!
  • Skin rash: when the body gets rid of toxins, it does so through our sweat, sweat, urine, the lungs (coughing) and if that is not enough the toxins are discharged through the skin > skin rash. Drink at least 2 glasses of water before and after the treatment to wash away the waste products.
  • Fever: Clear up by increasing temperature (burning). Bacteria can acidify our condition and a fever occurs to restore this condition
  • Sudden pain in places where there used to be problems such as fractures, bruises, injuries. These problems were no longer felt but also not completely gone, the damage is still there. It is now being repaired and that can hurt.
  • Dizziness: when there are blockages of KI energy, there is insufficient oxygen in the brain and poor blood circulation. By using the iTeracare, the blood starts flowing again and a lot of oxygen suddenly enters the blood resulting in dizziness.
  • The feeling of ants crawling under your skin. This is a good sign, your meridians are cleared and the energy is flowing through your body again, the KI is flowing again.
  • Discharges through:
    • Uterus
    • Ureter
    • Vagina
    • Poor blood supply
    • Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Detox
    • Smell/smell
      Drink a lot … use the iTeraCare every day … persevere
  • Vomiting when blowing on the abdomen. Detox….breathing for short periods of time
  • Headache: detoxification
    In all these cases, drink plenty of water treated by the iTeraCare to properly dispose of the waste!

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