What is the effect of the iTeracare on water?

Letting the iTeracare blow on water for a few minutes detangles (water occurs in clusters of molecules, these are pulled apart and aligned) the water, allowing it to penetrate the cells more easily.

Only 10 – 30% of the water you drink can enter your cells because it is clustered. 90% of the water treated by the iteracare penetrates your cells.

Half of the problems your body experiences are due to a lack of water in the cells…you are not sick, your cells are just thirsty!!!

Water brings energy into your cells….all the energy we generate in our bodies comes from the combustion of hydrogen (i.e., the bonding of hydrogen with oxygen) in the mitochondria (energy heaters) of our cells.

The effect of the iTeraCare on our bodies is partly explained by changing the state of water in our bodies. Our bodies are 70% water, and the condition of that water largely determines the condition of our bodies. Water occurs in clusters and therefore will be less easily absorbed by our cells. De-clustering water requires extra energy from our bodies.

Our cells swim in water and need internal water, otherwise we will dehydrate and our cells will go dormant or become inactive.

By declustering the water through the iteracare, this extra energy is not needed and dormant cells or inactive cells become active again.

The water remains in this condition for at least a week after treatment, but preferably store it in a glass bottle, certainly not metal.

Drink water in small sips rather than large amounts at a time. People who use this water throughout the day feel they get through the day better and have more energy!

The body regulates its own fluids and always knows what to do to maintain perfect homeostasis.

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