How do you recognize counterfeit (fake) devices?

The Shang Health Technology Co., Ltd. Is the developer and manufacturer of the iteracare. The company was founded in May 2015. The company is located in Donghai County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province.
The founder of De Shang Health Technology Co., Ltd and also developer of iteracare, scientist Yang Wen Jun was appointed as a ThinkTank member by The Chinese Academy of Management Science because of his professionalism and authority in the Terahertz industry.

Prife has the exclusive rights for the Sales & Marketing of the iTeracare….they are the only ones allowed to market the iteracare.

Unfortunately, there are also counterfeit products on the market offered over the Internet.
Pay close attention, the real iTeracare is only available as the red Classic ….dus all colored versions are not the real ones….and even the red one was recreated with subtle differences such as the size (slightly smaller), the text at the operating button, the ventilation holes in the tube….!

The fakes don’t work or at best they sort out very limited results. The iTeracare stands out among other things for its deep penetration (20-30 cm) while the best competing devices penetrate only a few cm into the body!

Ask the following questions to verify that it is the real device:

1. The professionalism of the manufacturer?
(What products does the factory specialize in? produce?)
2. Where is the manufacturer located? (Verify the authenticity of the manufacturer?)
3. Who is the inventor and scientist of the product?
4. Do they have a terahertz verification report, safety reports and clinical studies?

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